Landing, Pitch and Sales Pages

Inside your website there is a page dedicated to the description and price of all your products and services. Potential customers drop by and take a look to see if what you have is what salepage they want. This page has to be designed and laid out in an easy to understand manner with words appropriate for your audience. You want them to scan through the entire page and decide to buy from you. These are landing pages, sales pages and pitch pages.

If a customer runs across you website link while surfing through someone’s site and they click on it, you want them to arrive at the one spot where they can buy something. This is a landing page. By sending your web traffic directly to a promotion specific landing page, your advertising will perform far better. If someone has come onto your website and are clicking through the navigation make sure they can click directly onto your sales page. Your might have an embedded video or slide presentation on your sales page. A good sales page will also lead through to a great Thank You page. When they do get to your sales page and decide to look specifically at a product, they click through to your pitch page.

When a customer clicks on the product or service, they must be able to easily create the order, see the details and be 100% sure about what they are about to purchase. Your pitch page needs to have a payment system that is easy for checkout and payment processing. A detailed description of the product that includes any color variations, bundled combinations and quantity discounts.

Make sure the per unit cost of the product computes correctly if the customer buys a dozen. Verify that any product delivered via download actually can be downloaded immediately. Give an estimated time of download, such as five minutes. If you will do a custom email delivery tell the customer when he can expect your email. If the customer is buying software, make sure the customer understands which operating system required to use it as well as any other required software such as Adobe.

Customers will want to know if your product comes in pink or how many links in each chain foot. Warranties are always need information so put that question on the FAQ page and be prepared to answer the inquiry. The more questions you can get answered before the purchase is preferable to an unhappy customer after the sale. Include an email address, phone number or other method customers can use to contact you at the top and the bottom of your pitch page.

Growing your email list is mission critical. You need a contact form so you can capture emails and customer information for your future marketing efforts. Be sure the form has required fields so the form gets filled in completely. You might want to consider a double opt-in form to confirm it is a good email address.

Your landing pages, sales pages and pitch pages all benefit from having thumbnail pictures of your products and services. These pages should answer the question about who, what and how you are and inspire the visitor to care about what you have to offer. Keep in mind that customers will sometimes look at your pages six or seven times before deciding to buy. Motivate your customers to buy and rev up your sales!


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