NetbaseQuid: Conducting a Successful Social Media Audit Using a Template

If social media is one of your marketing strategies, it is essential to understand how to conduct a social media audit. In most instances, the word “audit” often sounds scary, but the good news is that it has nothing to with tax paperwork or tax authorities. So there is no cause for alarm. A social audit involves following and checking your marketing strategy on social platforms to ensure everything is working as planned. Whether you’re looking to conduct a social audit for your business or own a social media management firm, this guide highlights everything you need to understand to perform a successful audit. Read on.

What is a Social Media Audit?

This is the process of compiling critical insights about each of your social media platforms. This helps create a clear picture of your social strategy’s current status and guides you with the best way to improve it. An effective social media audit should be able to indicate what is working and what is not; identify opportunities to engage and expand the base of your audience; and whether fake accounts are stealing your followers. Additionally, it should show which outdated social profile you need to repurpose, tweak, revive, or even shut down.

How to Conduct a Social Audit

Keep in mind that conducting a successful audit for your social networks isn’t as scary as you may think. All you may need is to follow these recommended steps to ensure you stay as organized and focused as possible.

Create an Audit Template

The first and most important step in accomplishing an effective social audit is to create an audit spreadsheet. This will help you stay organized throughout the process. No matter how well you trust your memory, relying on your head to store all the audit information can be risky. Beyond storage, your audit insights need to be accessible for all your team members. This will help track performance and compare data down the road.

While creating your template, feel free to customize it to suit your business needs. An ideal template should include your business’s current state (what effort and where), performance (how well your social efforts are working in terms of engagement and achieving results), and opportunities (recommendations for improvement). Similarly, your social media audit checklist should include profile information, publishing metrics, audience demographics, engagement metrics, and referral traffic.

Track Your Social Media Profiles

The next step is to find all your current social media profiles and conduct a complete review of each account separately. Not just popular like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to check on those dormant accounts you created years back, that you’ve probably forgotten. With so many social media audit tools in place, this process should be simple. Once you establish the profiles, you can work on improving them and even create others that you may find necessary.

Determine Top Performing Posts

Knowing the top-performing social media posts can help you work on your content strategy. Remember that the content you create must resonate and engage with your audience, and it’s not, you need to tweak it. For you to succeed, use the audit insights to review the content you’ve published and determine which posts performed best. Social audit tools like Sprout Social can help you establish which posts greatly impacted different social platforms. Most importantly, experienced social media auditing companies like NetbaseQuid can help

About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid is a social media management company focused on providing businesses with unprecedented audit solutions that are more accurate, faster, and actionable. The company helps businesses discover the market and consumer insights by analyzing and aggregating indexed resources such as social media posts, product reviews, business filings, consumer reviews, and others.

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